Jonathan Conway

Jonathan Conway

Everything you wanted to know about me and never wanted to ask

Work life

  • Wrote my first program at the age of 6 on a Commodore VIC 20 in Basic. Moved onto coding on the Amiga and then PC coding in C
  • I’ve been working in technology since 1996 when I started making BBS loaders in x86 ASM for some fun and fame
  • I was a full stack engineer before full stack was a thing back in 2000, when I slung Java, HTML and horribly horribly written Javascript
  • Started the UK’s first dedicated Ruby on Rails consultancy back in 2005. Grew the company to a couple of million in revenue before I sold my share in order to work on more product focused roles
  • Since then I’ve served as:
    • CTO and VP of Engineering in multiple startups
    • Technical authority for digital tranformation projects within Finance and UK Government
  • Co-author of the UK Open Banking specification (payments and security)
  • My technical specialties are:
    • Digital transformation
    • Go
    • Ruby
    • ReasonML
    • Cloud architecture, infrustructure and automation (AWS, GCP)
    • Product development
    • Open Banking and PSD2
  • Last year I joined a wonderful company called Banked as their CTO to help develop the product and technology vision. We’re currently focused on Open Banking/PSD2

Personal life

I’m married with three wonderful kids. Trying to get back into photography but we’ll see how it goes.

Random facts:

  • Fought/won both locally and internationally in WTF style Tae Kwon Do and freestyle martial arts tournaments
  • Currently into Crossfit and Olympic weight lifting
  • I’m mixed race eurasian

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