Film experiments

24 February 2019

Experimenting with film again

You know, it was only a few years ago I was so passionate about photography. It was always awkward for me to take pictures though, at least because of my previous circumstances. Where I previously lived, the estate was terribly crowded with little natural light entering the house. That and the terrible transport links to get to a train station where I could commute to London meant I was always tired and very very drained of any creative thoughts.

Last summer I figured enough was enough and bit the bullet. A few months later I’d sold my house and moved a few miles closer to London, where I could not only walk to most places I needed, but also not have the outside of my house look like a constant parking lot.

Long story short. I’m now able to spend more time on things that matter to me. Hoping this means I’m able to make more things from now on.