Getting Creative Again

25 January 2020

So last year a few things happened. One of those being that that I had to take some time out to look after my wife while she was going through her cancer treatment. During my down time I kept myself busy, took a few certifications and started work on what I thought would be the first of the 12 apps in the 12 Startups challenge. But then came a huge realisation. When I started doing the market analysis for my first app I realised that the actual potential was just way too small. I wanted something I could easily relate to so I chose a B2C problem. In my testing though, I couldn’t find enough people who said they would pay for it. So I took a pause to rethink my game plan and what I was trying to really achieve by doing the 12 Startups challenge.

When you take a look at the kinds of people that undertake the challenge they’re usually new entrepreneurs with minimal coding experience teaching themselves to bootstrap a new app. The idea is that you do this enough times in a short period that you learn how to iterate quickly and pivot to the next hopefully more profitable idea. This is great, but for me it’s not something new. I’ve created and grown companies in the past and more recently worked for a number of high growth startups. I already knew a lot of the basics, and what I needed was to learn to do it all by myself all over again. So this time I researched some areas in my life that interested me, this time travel and after running some tests online for a month I finally hit upon my idea and started work on development in my spare time.

It’s still early days but I’ve already got a few potential customers who have said they’d be interested. There’s also still an incredible amount of work to do before it’s launch and it’s been extremely difficult juggling work, a young family and a poorly wife. All I can say is that I’ve been extremely grateful to have been able to work remotely. Without that flexibility and the time I’ve recovered from the commute, I just don’t think I would have been able to get this far.

In the coming weeks I’ll be releasing a few blog articles on the company site as I start doing some content marketing. Also while I’m calling the company “Now Type Run” for now, it’s just the holding name. The actually name for the app is still a secret as I don’t want to give too much away. If you speak Japanese then you’d probably be able to guess exactly what the app does just from the domain name🙈🤣.